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      Ram - symbol of Adventure, Force and Power

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

Ram Picture Jasper Small
1 3/4"


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Picture Jasper Ram Large
2 1/4"

Picture Jasper
2 sizes

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Large: 2 1/4" long
Small: 1 1/2" long


carved from natural gemstones


Adventure, Power

Totem Lesson:

Climb high with balance and reach your goals

Ram: symbol of power and adventure

The Ram has been a symbol of force and power as well as a symbol of sacrifice. The Ram is also a symbol of new beginnings.

This is an animal that has had a predominant role in most cultures. The Ram can bring great rewards or adventure. Remember Jason and The Golden Fleece.

When the Ram arrives in your life, you can be sure it will stimulate your mind and give you inspiration. With the Ram by your side you will have the balance to climb to great heights. The Ram is associated with the zodiac sign Aries.

Aventurine Ram Large
2 1/4"

Aventurine Ram
2 1/4" long

Rose Quartz Ram Large
2 1/4"

Rose Quartz Ram
2 1/4" long


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