Using Gemstones in Home Decor


   Gemstone Decor

In a Fairy Garden
The beach scene uses 2 shades of blue stones for the water and a treasure chest filled with small tumbled gemstones…Below a fairy sits surrounded by flat palmstones. Chunks of rough pink rose quartz line the path.

Seasonal display for Spring! Gemstones eggs in the center with a sunny Citrine Cluster on a wood stand. (That’s a gemstone mouse sniffing around the eggs)

Gemstone Home Decor

Using Gemstones in Home Decor

Here are just a few of the ways that our customers have used gemstones in home decor.

Yuletide Welcome Bowl
Gift a stone to each guest in your home during the Christmas season. Stones can be wrapped in green and red foil with a “New Year’s Wish” enclosed…see this page

Another variation of the Welcome Bowl – this one is a wall plaque hanging near my back door – the hands offer tumbled stones and crystals to anyone who passes by!

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