Candle Love Magic spell

Candle Love Magic

While playing some soft romantic music, call on your favorite love goddess or god. Write the name of the deity

and your initials on the red candle with the pen. Draw a heart around your writing. Write your initials and the

deity’s name on the white candle now, and encircle these with a heart symbol. This symbolizes the linking of earthly

and divine love. Now, cover both candles with a thin coat of vanilla oil and put them in the candleholders. Remove

the oil from your hands and place the rose quartz between the candles. Imagine its light being a divine love that

ignites the passion in your soul. Next, light the white candle and imagine this igniting your love life. Light

the red candle and visualize all the love you have to give creating a circle where it comes back to you.

Hold the rose quartz in your power hand (for right-handed persons, this is your right hand and left for left-handed).

Feel the rose quartz warm up in your hand. Gazing deeply into the fire, say:

Flaming fires of divine love,

Brighten my love life very day,

Help me experience love and joy

In many splendorous and romantic ways.

Continue to hold the stone while you imagine many romantic ways that you can experience more love each day.

Thank your deity. Extinguish both candles.

Carry the rose quartz with you thereafter in your pocket or purse. This will encourage more love in the days

and weeks that follow.

For this spell, you need:

  • Red candle
  • White candle
  • Candleholders
  • Pen
  • Vanilla scented oil
  • Rose Quartz


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