Calya Journey-Wise System – Balancing Your Colors

Calya Journey-Wise System
Balancing Your Colors

A Pathway for a Meaningful Life

This system is a highly refined Metaphysical Healing Art. Based in the Celtic Tradition, Calya Journey-wise uses 17 vibrational frequencies, represented by Realms of Color, to guide you on your Path of self-determination and fulfillment.

Each Color corresponds to a body area (chakra) and signals the issues, challenges or changes that are entering your Energy Field each day.

The teachings show you how to find your Color message for the day, what it means and how to balance the fluctuations of your Aura. The system involves:

  • interior questions
  • exterior work with crystals
  • exercise movements
  • essential oils
  • releasing meditations to guide you

Calya Journey Wise System

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