Release from binding love spell

Release from binding love

Use this spell to free yourself from a love that was once very strong, but that you no longer desire.

Rinse the candle and stone in saltwater to cleanse it of unwanted energies. Call in the elements. With the pen, write the name of the person you wish to break love ties with on the candle. The candle will be burned down completely, so choose a candle that is small. Light the candle, calling upon a deity who you feel represents strength. Holding the rainbow jasper in your power hand, say:

By the powers of the earth, air, fire and water

Great (Deity name),
release me from (person’s name)

While the candle is burning down, direct your energy in the form of memories into the stone. Remembering the good and bad times that you have had with the person, say:

Time ever changing

the days left behind

Spirit free and soaring

Release us from this bind

Now visualize your being free of this person, being happy and the person being happy also. There is no bitterness, or sadness, but instead a feeling of completeness and feeling of something being ended. Holding the stone in your power hand, imagine the person being a remote memory for you, with only slight pleasant memories remaining. When you are fully satisfied that the person is now a part of your past, and that a bright future lies ahead, blow out the candle. Take the stone to a distant location and return it to the earth. Dispose of the remaining candle wax by shaving it up when it has cooled and scattering in a strong breeze.

For this spell, you need:


Spells gemstone kit

(includes 17 stones: black tourmaline, sodalite, turquoise, tiger eye, malachite, moss agate, 2 aventurine, hematite, carnelian, 2 rose quartz, amethyst, garnet, citrine, 2 crystal quartz plus a silk amulet bag)


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