Balance & Harmony Love Ritual

Balance & Harmony Love Ritual

The month of May is a wonderful spring month. Winter is over and summer is coming soon. Taurus rules May until the 21st. Venus rules Taurus.

Balance and Harmony are important components in a love relationship.

I receive many emails from people who feel their love isn’t all that it could be. Try this ritual if you feel that your lover:

  • Lets you down
  • Argues too much with you
  • Leaves you alone too often
  • Doesn’t really talk to you (or listen)

These things can be a sign that you need more balance in the relationship.

Balance & Harmony Stone Kit:
Includes: 2 hematite, 1 tiger iron, 1 apache tear, 1 black bag


Now is the time to bring harmony and balance to your love life. May is the time to make your love life what it should be. If you think your love life is fine, you can make it even better. You and your loved one can open your hearts to the song of love that sings happiness.

Items needed:

  • 1 Tiger Iron (a wonderful combination stone of jasper, hematite and tiger’s eye, it very powerful when change is needed)
  • 2 Hematite (to draw the two of you together in the best way)
  • 1 round apache tear (to get rid of the negativity in your relationship)
  • Black bag
  • Violet candle

The Ritual

This is a ritual that can be done by 1 person in the relationship or the two of you together. It is most powerful at the full moon of May, but it is powerful at any full moon between 6 PM and 11 PM.

On the night of the full moon, the person or persons doing the ritual should bathe in violet or lilac soap or bath gel. Have your cleaned stones on your altar with the violet candle and matches (any size candle). Some flowers will add a nice touch, but are not necessary.

If two people are doing the ritual, say all verses together. The older person will light the candle and handle the stones.

Place the violet candle in the middle of your altar. Place the two hematite on each side of the candle. Put the tiger iron in front of the candle and the apache tear at the back of the candle. Light the candle and say:

I light the flame of harmony
To bring about the balance of Love
for my lover and me

Pick up the tiger iron and hold it above the flame and say:

Stone of triple power
Take us both to a new place
Where we will find love anew

Put the tiger iron back in front of the candle; pick up both hematite and hold them above the flame in your left hand and say:

We draw toward one another
In love and balance
With harmony and happiness

Put both hematite in front of the tiger iron; pick up the apache tear with your right hand and squeeze it and say:

Round black stone
Take all the past and
Let us start anew

Keep your hand closed as much as possible as you slide the apache tear into the black bag, tie the bag and drop the bag with the stone in it on the floor. (Tomorrow you will take the closed bag and throw it into water, a river, lake or the ocean, so all the negativity will be far from you. Do this in daylight.)

Take the two hematite off the table with your left hand. Each person will keep a hematite (if only one person is doing the ritual, then that person should give the hematite to the other person or put it in with that person’s personal clothes). Let the candle burn until you are ready to go to bed. Put the tiger iron stone in the southwest part of your bedroom and let it remind you everyday of your new love for each other. When you put out the candle say:

The flame is now in our hearts
We have forgiven the past
This is a night of love

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