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      Rose Quartz Bead

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8mm Rose Quartz Faceted10 Beads $7.50

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz faceted
8mm round beads

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Color Energy:

Pink symbolizes love, beauty


Love, beauty, emotional heaing, gentleness


Fourth Chakra - Heart


Water element

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Tumbled Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Jewelry

8mm 10 Beads $6.50

6mm 10 Beads $5.00

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Round beads
8mm 10 beads ... $6.50
6mm 10 beads ... $5.00

Rose Quartz Heart 10mm

Rose Quartz
10 Rose Quartz
Light Pink Heart beads

Rose Quartz Bead

Rose Quartz has a gentle vibration of love for the owner. It gives inner peace and helps in all matters pertaining to love in all its forms.

Rose Quartz opens the heart to love. It also helps as a rejuvenator to the skin.

  • Rose quartz is known as the love stone
  • Strong healer of the heart
  • Makes an excellent friendship gift
  • Encourages helpfulness, self-love, romance, ability to love
  • Fulfillment of essential needs

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