Pendulum Set 10 pieces


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10 piece Pendulum Set

These beautiful pendulums have gemstone chips making up the removable chains which measure approx. 7.75″. The corresponding gemstone point is faceted. The whole pendulum is 9.5″ long from top to bottom. Each 10 pcs set contains the following gemstones:

  • Crystal Quartz (clear)
  • Carnelian (orange)
  • Moss Agate (green/white)
  • Rose Quartz (pink)
  • White Agate (white)
  • Blue Aventurine (blue)
  • Citrine chip w/ Golden Quartz (yellow)
  • Black Agate (black
  • Amethyst (purple)
  • Bloodstone (green)

Read The Pendulum: Vibrational Frequency to learn more.

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chain approximately 7.75" long.


varied gemstones