Tree of Life on Peridot Bomb #127



Tree of Life Symbol

Most cultures have a tree somewhere in their history. At times it is a ‘cosmic tree’ that all mystics must climb to understand the gods. The symbol of the Tree of Life reminds us of the love and grace God gives to each of us.

It has been said trees are the earth’s effort to speak to heaven. As a tree’s branches give shade and protection from the sun, God always gives us love and protection. Knowing that we are loved and not alone can give us the strength to do things we did not know we were capable of doing.

Peridot Meaning

Peridot is a stone of lightness and beauty. It was believed to be a stone of springtime by ancients who considered it a gift from Mother Nature.

Crystallized peridot deep within the earth’s crust is carried to the surface by magma & gasses and then ejected into the atmosphere during a volcanic eruption to create a “peridot lava bomb”.

Additional information


4 1/2" tall x 2 1/2" wide at base


Bright green with purple amethyst


Natural Peridot Bomb cluster with soldered tree


Spiritual insight, inspiration and intuition