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      Sheep - symbol of renewal, purification, compassion

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

White Agate Sheep


White Agate Sheep
2 1/4" long
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2 1/4" long


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Renewal, purification, compassion

Totem Lesson:

Enjoy daily pleasures, accept love and protection from others, be more expressive of joyful emotions

Sheep: symbol of Renewal, purification, compassion

The Sheep (or Ewe) is associated with the Celtic goddess Brigit and her spring festival Imbolc (meaning 'ewe's milk'). Christians associate the lamb with the resurrected Christ. A black sheep is a symbol of good luck in Europe.

If the sheep is your totem animal, you are:

  • peaceful and humble
  • willing to sacrifice your needs for the protection and security of your family
  • enjoy the simple joys of life

Purification of negative energy through forgiveness

The sheep teaches us to express emotions, put skills to use for the good of others and to accept love and protection from others. The sheep helps heal the wounds of abuse and is a purification symbol. It will teach purification of negative energy through forgiveness.

As a dream symbol, the sheep can mean patience, renewal, purification, humility or sacrifice.


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