Pink Mangano Calcite Rounded Massage Wand


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Pink Mangano Calcite Healing Wand

The pointed end of a wand focuses the energy tightly through the tip.

This Calcite wand can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the Heart Chakra.

Mangano calcite (pink calcite) is a heart crystal. It is associated with angels.

The loving energy of mangano calcite dissolves resistance.

This is a soft stone of forgiveness that brings unconditional love. It is used to:

  • Release fear and grief from the past that is trapping you
  • Assist in developing self-worth and self-acceptance
  • Heal nervous conditions
  • Lift tension and anxiety
  • Prevent nightmares

Additional information

Approx. Size:

4" long


Soft Pink with white 'clouds'


Angelic guidance, Love, Healing