Wrapping gemstone massage wands

Give Your Gemstone Wand a Tune-Up!

The gemstone wand is one of the most powerful tools that can be used in ritual.
The wand may be used for ritual spells or healing help. It is used primarily to focus the intention of the spell
or healing.

Choose the wand of a stone that is the basis for ritual. For example:

Focus the energy by adding stones

To make the wand an even more focused tool, add other stones to it by wrapping these onto the wand with silver
wire. Remember, the wand is the primary focus and the additional stones adjust the power as a secondary element.

Let’s say I want to attract a new love in my life. I would take a rose quartz wand to attract love and wrap a moonstone
onto the rose quartz wand to increase the passion factor. Perhaps I would add an amethyst to this rose quartz wand
in order to keep a nice balance with love and passion.

Now, suppose I have been married for several years and I love my spouse, but there isn’t much passion any more. In this
case, I would start with a moonstone wand for passion; add an emerald to keep my marriage partner faithful and
mahogany obsidian for more sensuality. I would advise to do this only on a weekend or vacation.

To become intuitive you may use an amethyst wand with amber for grounding. To get more money, an aventurine wand
with a citrine stone wrapped to it works very well.

Here are a few stones that are good to add to the wand and their meanings.





Protection in astral travel


Long and happy marriage




Get rid of negative feelings


Get motivated; attract money


Keep your love faithful


Communication with fairies & spirits


Strength and courage





Mahoganey Obsidian or

Healing of all kinds

Moss Agate

Staying with your true purpose in life



Rose Quartz

Safety in travel


The above is only a partial list of stones and some of their meanings. Get to know your gemstones by reading more about
to get more information.

Clean your wand

Before using or wrapping your wand it should be cleaned. Place the wand in a glass container and completely
cover the wand with sea or Kosher salt. Leave the wand in the salt for 6 hours (it can be longer). After the 6
hours, gently rub the wands with the salt. Now place the wands in a window where they will receive the light of
the next full moon. Put the wand in the window the day before the full moon and leave them until the day after
the full moon. Pour the salt down your kitchen drain, while the hot water is running.

Clean the stones before you wrap them onto the wand. After the wand has been wrapped it is good to pass it in sage
incense smoke. Do not allow other people to touch your wand, if they are touched, clean them again as above. If
you use your wand more than once a month it should be cleaned again.

When not in use, keep your wands on your altar or wrapped in silk in a safe place.

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