Attunement with your Gemstones and Crystals

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Reaching Attunement with Your Stones and Crystals

Attunement means “harmony”. When you are attuned to your stone, the resonating energies of you and your stone are vibrating in harmony. Being in harmony with your stone makes it much easier for the two of you to work together. The bond you have with your stone will be much stronger, making communication between you both much clearer and more in depth. The more attuned you are to your stone, the better it will work for you, and the more you will gain from it.

Steps Towards Attunement

Reaching Attunement with Your Stones and Crystals

The first step towards reaching attunement with your stone is to familiarize yourself with it. Hold it in your hand and study it. Describe to yourself what it looks like. How does it look in the light? Notice its size, color, shape, texture, and any other visible features it may have. Try to memorize this. Close your eyes and try to see your stone. Now, with your eyes still closed, feel your stone. Feel its size, shape, weight, and texture, and memorize it. Put the stone down and try to imagine yourself holding it. See it and feel it in your mind. Take note of any images or thoughts that come to mind while you are familiarizing yourself with your stone.

Repeat this step every day to become familiarized with your stone. Then, even after you have become familiarized with it, it is good to repeat this step again periodically to keep the look and feel of your stone fresh in your memory. This will help to keep your bond with your stone strong.

The next step is to establish a connection with your stone by spending time with it. Just being with the stone will help your energies to become attuned to it. Keep it on your person (in a pocket or pouch) all day for several days or longer. Take it out several times a day to look at it and feel it. Sleep with it either in your hand or under your pillow. Bathe or shower with it. The water will amplify the stone’s energies. Take some time during your shower to try to feel this amplified energy emanating from the stone. As with the first step, repeat this step periodically to keep your bond strong.

Tuning In To Your Stones

Once you feel familiarized with and connected to your stone, the last step is to actually tune into your stone like tuning into a radio station. In order to do this, your mind must first be still, free from any thoughts. Meditation, visualization, prayer, yoga, and exercise are some ways to still the mind. You must also have an open heart that is ready and willing to accept what the stone gives, without any doubts or fears that this can be done, nor any preconceived notions or expectations of what this will bring.

With an open heart and a still mind, you can now hold your stone and allow your mind to receive the subtle energies and impressions emanating from it. Hear with your inner ‘ears’. See with your inner ‘eyes’. Take note of any spontaneous images or feelings that come into consciousness. As you listen and communicate with your stone in silence, the responses that come will be quick and clear.

Attunement doesn’t happen overnight. It will take some time and a good amount of practice before you become attuned to your stone; but once it happens, you will know it.

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