Pendulum Reading – Color symbolism – color therapy

Pendulum Reading

You can use color energy to:

  • Enhance your love life

  • Attain financial success

  • Make the right career decisions

  • Increase your personal power to make your life the way you want it to be

Through the use of pendulums and a color wheel, Color Therapist and Psychic, Catherine Avizinis (Calya) will determine your personal Journey Quest Map tailored to a specific situation in your life at this time. Included in your reading are:

  • The color energy that surrounds your question now
  • The health and balance of your colors
  • Colors that are depleted
  • The Element (earth, wind, fire, water) connected to your colors
  • The rune that applies to your question
  • Challenges you face or will face regarding your question
  • Suggested crystal and gemstone tools that apply to the resolution of your question, and how to use these
  • A personal affirmation or ritual you can use to encourage a desired outcome to your question

Calya is a published author with 30 years of experience in Holistic Healing and Crystal work. She has developed a system based on universal codes for determining the answers to your questions about life, love, money, career.

The meaning of color vibrational energy

The vibration of a color creates an energy that interacts with your unique energy and causes a myriad of effects. Some colors make us feel sad, or tense, or cheerful, or hungry – numerous studies have been done to discover ways that color affects how we feel emotionally.

Each color contains an energy that you can use to carve your personal path to success. Different colors are in force around you or a life situation at different times. Knowing how to interpret the energy of the predominant color at a given time, will help you to take beneficial steps toward your own success in any endeavor.

For example, if white is the color around your financial life, you would do well to leave things alone for the moment. If Burgundy appears, it is time to take action while yellow indicates it’s time for a change.

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