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      Gemstone Divination

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Divination by gem stones

Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown; the art or gift of prophecy.

Stones vibrate with energy that we can't see or feel most of the time. In deep meditation or trance the stone energy can be seen or felt. The wisdom and knowledge deep within all stones can be tapped and we can use that energy to guide us in daily life. The stones can answer questions and help you make decisions.

Gemstone meanings in divination

  • Crystal is associated with your health. Crystal is associated with your guardian angel.
  • Moonstone is associated with innocence or clear thinking.
  • Citrine is associated with travel, communication and/or success.
  • Carnelian is associated with personal power and growth.
  • Garnet is associated with anger, confrontations, change, passion and/or sexual energy.
  • Rose quartz is associated with love, friendship, relationships, joy and/or family.
  • Amethyst is associated with magic, mysticism, spiritual and/or past lives.
  • Blue lace agate is associated with peace, understanding and/or patience.
  • Sodalite is associated with protection, sleep, healing, fidelity, dreaming and/or intuition.
  • Green aventurine is associated with money, prosperity, growth, personal goals and/or career.
  • Smoky Quartz is associated with stability, personal responsibility and/or inner resources.
  • Hematite is associated with wisdom, knowledge and/or simplicity.
  • Apache Tear Obsidian is associated with transformation, such as releasing negative energy.

A question that will have a "yes or no" answer.

Familiarize yourself with each stone and then clean them of outside energies.

  1. Put all 13 stones in the bag; hold and gently shake the bag while thinking of the question.
  2. When you are ready close your eyes open the bag and quickly pull out some stones.
  3. Open your eyes. If you have an odd number of stones in your hand the answer is "no". If you have an even number of stones in your hand the answer is "yes".

Three stone reading for a question that needs more than yes or no

  1. With all stones in the bag, close your eyes and take out three stones, one at a time.
  2. Take out the first stone and place it in front of you.
  3. Take out the second stone and place it to the right of the first stone.
  4. Take out the third stone and place it to the right of the second stone.
  5. The first stone is your recent past, the second stone is the present, and the third stone is the near future.
  6. Think about the three stones together.

I suggest you keep a written record of the questions and answers.

  • Write the question.
  • Write what stones were picked.
  • Write your interpretation
  • Review your interpretation in about 3 weeks.

Sample stone divination reading:


First stone sodalite
Second stone green aventurine
Third stone rose quartz

Sodalite - Sally has had a history of feeling unprotected and a fear of her husband being unfaithful
Green Aventurine - Sally and her husband are having financial problems
Rose quartz - Sally has to think about her past - her husband has never been unfaithful and he has tried to give her a good home. The financial problems are because of Sally's spending, because of her fears of not being protected and cared for.

Sally must learn that her husband does love her and she must get over her fears that come from her childhood. When she can learn to talk to her husband about her fears, he will assure her of his love.


First stone hematite
Second stone garnet
Third stone citrine

Hematite - Charles has graduated from college with a degree in History.
Garnet - Charles is confused and upset because he doesn't know what to do with his degree and his life.
Citrine - Charles has to talk to people who help and guide him.

There are many methods of divination that have been used over the centuries to discover answers to questions about your own future. Included in these are:

  • Crystal Ball Gazing
  • Pendulum Divination
  • Rune Divination
  • Gemstone Divination Kit


    Includes: 1 bag, Information and instructions on how to receive guidance with stones

    13 stones:

    1 amethyst

    1 crystal

    1 blue lace agate

    1 moonstone

    1 sodalite

    1 citrine

    1 green aventurine

    1 carnelian

    1 smoky quartz

    1 garnet

    1 hematite

    1 rose quartz

    1 apache tear obsidian

    temp. sold out

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  • No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.