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Dyed Agate Geode

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Dyed agate Geode with crystals
Dyed Agate Geode
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Approximate Size:

shape varies; 3″ – 4″ across


blue, pink, turquoise, green, purple


Protection, Healing

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Dyed agate Geode with crystals

Dyed agate geode

from Brazil

These geodes are delightful for a splash of color to lift the spirits in any space. These can be used as an altar stone, or for display to emanate the protective energy inherent in agate.

A geode is contained within an outer form. When it is opened, it is hollow with many crystals pointing inward. These unique and beautiful forms hold and amplify energy which is then diffused and softened.

Geodes are often used for protection or spiritual aid and growth.

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