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60mm (2.3″)

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faceted quartz crystal ball
60mm Multi faceted Crystal Ball
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Fused Quartz Crystal Balls

These are beautiful crystal balls made from fused quartz crystal mixed with leaded glass (60%). They are ideal for meditation, aura cleansing or scrying (crystal ball gazing).

Fused quartz is a man-made material manufactured principally from sands. It is non-crystalline, and can be made in a high purity state. The chemical name of fused quartz is silicon dioxide, or silica.

Crystal spheres symbolize the Universe and all within it. The shape of a sphere represents wholeness, consciousness, self containment – a complete and powerful self.

Natural clear quartz crystal has a remarkable energy. It vibrates all of the color frequencies of the spectrum. See natural quartz crystal balls.

100mm $49.99

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fused quartz crystal ball
Optically correct fused Crystal Ball
ideal for scrying (crystal ball gazing)

fused quartz crystal ball
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