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Birth Totems

You may have an animal totem at your birth. Some of the pure of heart can see their totem, and children
are usually the most pure of heart. We all know of children who talk to an unseen friend. They could be talking
to their totem, the protector and friend. As we grow the birth totem is helping us. There may be a time as we grow
and change that the birth totem moves in the background and another totem is drawn to us. It is possible to have
several animal totems in one lifetime. It is true most of us have only one or two in a lifetime, but it is possible
to have more. If your life takes on a drastic change by chance or choice another animal totem may be drawn to you.
There may be a time when you feel very close to an animal, bird or even a fish or insect.

Mythical animals

Totems can also be mythical animals. A mythical animal can be a strong symbol for a change in life. Mythical
totems are not usually a birth totem or stay with a person for a long time. The mythical totem is very strong.
If you feel very drawn and close to this being, it is more than likely your totem for that time in you life. The
totem is there to teach us or protect us, or both.

The horse is my birth totem. I feel very secure with my horse totem, but there have been times when I felt closer
to the butterfly and a few years ago I know a big cat walked with me, a panther. I have many horse symbols in my
home, a few butterflies, but only one panther. My connection to the panther was short, but very strong. I feel
the panther did not stay, as the butterfly still comes now and again. I have been fascinated by birds lately, especially
hawks. I feel my body relaxing when I watch them drift on the air currents. I may have a new totem coming to me.

Totems and your dreams

A totem can teach us about ourselves. A totem can give us courage, when we think we have none. A totem brings
the subconscious to the conscious. Pay attention to your dreams. Totems often speak to us in our dreams. When you
are attracted to an animal, bird, fish, insect or mythical animal, listen to that being. There are qualities in
that animal that you may need in your life.

The stuffed animal that is most given to children is the teddy bear. The bear is a symbol of maternal protection.
A perfect gift for a child is the teddy bear. The frog is also a wonderful gift for a child, being a symbol of
joy. This doesn’t mean the bear is the totem of the child that has ten teddy bears. A symbol
can lend some of the qualities or even one quality of that animal to the person without being the totem. For example,
the bear can help give protection, just one of the bears’ qualities. The totem could be the horse, which does not
have strong protection qualities. So, in childhood the bear may help the horse and later in life the bear will
be very much in the background.

Any connection you feel with an animal, bird, fish, insect or mythical animal is important to you. The connection
may be a totem of great value to you. Animal totems are part of our spirit. Animal totems can be teachers, protectors
and comforters.

Native American Zodiac

You have a North American Birth Totem which corresponds to the day of your birth:

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