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Harvest Moon: Aug 22 – Sep 21

Aug 22 – Sep 21

  • Birth Moon: Harvest
  • Animal Totem: Brown Bear
  • Mineral Totem: Amethyst
  • Plant Totem: Violet
  • Directional Totem: Coyote
  • Elemental Clan Totem: Turtle
  • Affinity Color: Purple
  • Personality Traits: industrious, unassuming, reasonable, hardworking, modest, warm-hearted, good natured, helpful, dependable

Bear totem

Coyote totem

Turtle totem


Brown Bear:

Brown Bears are independent and self-reliant, and so too are those whose birth totem is Brown Bear. These people are usually slow in acclimating themselves to change, and will often retreat to their dens for a time, where they can feel comfortable and secure within the familiar.

Brown bear people are constructive and have a knack for fixing just about anything, from repairing a broken down car to mending a torn relationship. These people are usually quite gentle, like their totem animal, and handle their relationships with much tenderness and understanding.

The Native peoples regarded the Brown Bear as a dreamer. People with this totem often love to daydream and have a vivid imagination. Sometimes they can get so wrapped up in their daydream that they become unable to distinguish it from their physical reality, which may cause others to think that they are liars.


Amethyst is the mineral associated with the Harvest Moon. It is a strong protector stone and is said to guard one against everything from black magic, to hailstorms, to alcohol intoxication. It is also a very spiritual stone and can help one to find spiritual attunement, as well as helping to find balance between the spiritual and the physical.

Amethyst is calming and soothing and can help one with finding the cause(s) of their anger and thereby enable them to release it. This stone is especially good for Brown Bear people as it helps to calm and clarify the dream state.

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