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Freeze Up Moon: Oct 23 – Nov 22

Oct 23 – Nov 22

  • Birth Moon: Freeze Up
  • Animal Totem: Snake
  • Mineral Totem: Copper & Malachite
  • Plant Totem: Thistle
  • Directional Totem: Grizzly Bear
  • Elemental Clan Totem: Frog
  • Affinity Color: Orange
  • Personality Traits: purposeful, determined, imaginative, intense, impulsive, mysterious, discerning, ambitious, clear, decisive

Snake totem

Bear totem

Frog totem




Because of its ability to periodically shed its skin, the snake represents transformation, change, and renewal. And those born with Snake as their birth totem are inclined to shed their skins by way of making dramatic, and sometimes drastic, changes in their lives from time to time, letting go of their current ties and attachments, and starting again anew. They may make sudden decisions such as to quit their job, or change their occupation, or sell their house, or move to a new city, or totally reinvent themselves. Sometimes, however, they make these changes at inopportune times, thereby causing unnecessary upset and suffering to themselves as well as to others.

Change isn’t necessarily always easy for Snake people, but they are adaptable to anything that is new to them. For Snake people, their lives are usually a lifelong transformation. They may start out making changes that are for purely selfish reasons.

However, as the Snake person goes through life, their selfish changes will usually eventually transform into more constructive changes which benefit not only themselves, but others as well. Snake people may also start out as insensitive and hurtful towards others, but then their ability to wound will usually turn into the ability to heal. Snake people can be especially helpful to those suffering from alcoholism or drug abuse.

Copper & Malachite:

The mineral totems associated with the Freeze Up Moon are malachite and copper. Malachite is a spiritual stone which can help you to hear the voice of spirit and to cultivate your psychic powers.

As a metal, copper is a conductor of energies that will spread them out evenly over a surface or throughout a person. It can also help you to understand your own energy. Copper is a good purifier of the spirit, and it promotes strength, power, and balance.

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