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Budding Trees Moon: Mar 21 – Apr 19

Mar 21 – Apr 19

  • Birth Moon: Budding Trees
  • Animal Totem: Falcon
  • Mineral Totem: Fire Opal
  • Plant Totem: Dandelion
  • Directional Totem: Golden Eagle
  • Elemental Clan Totem: Thunderbird
  • Affinity Color: Yellow
  • Personality Traits: energetic, independent, outspoken, enterprising, adventurous, frank, courageous, enthusiastic, imaginative

falcon totem
Falcon – Eagle

Fire Opal
Fire Opal


Like the falcon, people born during this moon are fearless hunters, always in search for something new. New places, new experiences, and new ideas are their prey.

These people, like their totem, have the ability to reach great heights, though sometimes, however, they can lack the patience, concentration, or persistence to be able to see things through to the end. Although they begin each new endeavor with great enthusiasm, they can easily get bored or distracted and, therefore, will quickly change directions and leap onto the next new thing that comes along, leaving the other endeavor behind never to be finished.

They may have a whole trail of unfinished projects behind them. To combat their tendency towards boredom, Falcon people may have several different projects going on all at once. Even so, they may still eventually lose interest in all of them and dive into something new that piques their interest. Falcon people, therefore, are often good at starting things, but not so good at finishing them.

Fire Opal:

The mineral totem for the Budding Trees Moon is the Opal, or more specifically, the Fire Opal. Opals are formed under a lot of pressure, and therefore can be of assistance to those who find themselves under a lot of stress or emotional pressure.

Opals contain silica, which is also found in the human eye. Therefore, opals can aid in the quest to find clarity and to see the truth. Falcon people are inquisitive by nature, and Opal can enhance one’s ability to see deeply into things.

Due to its reflective nature, opals amplify the traits of the one holding it, and so it can strengthen one’s good traits (as well as their bad ones!). Falcon people tend to have a fiery nature and a fiery temper. Fire opal can disperse emotional negativity and help one to master their emotions.

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