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      Pyramid Rose Quartz

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Crystal Points - Crystal Pyramids

Mini - .7" - 1" BASE

Mini Rose Quartz Pyramid
aprox .7" - 1" base
See Extra Large Pyramids Below!

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Mini: .7" - 1" base


Soft Pink


Love, Power, Healing

Rose Quartz Pyramid

Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. This Rose Quartz pyramid can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the Heart Chakra.

Rose Quartz brings love on many levels including self love, romantic love, friendship and more. Rose quartz is known as the love stone. It helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth, therefore being worth love. Rose quartz is the stone of universal love.

A pyramid is also used to enhance and focus the inherent properties of the stone.

Tumbled Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Sphere
Rose Quartz Egg
Rose Quartz Wand
Rose Quartz Standing Point
Rose Quartz Heart
Gemstone Pyramids

Extra Large Rose Quartz Pyramids
You will receive the Pyramid in the photo. 1 available of each.

Rose Quartz Pyramid

#103 - 2.3" at base

$74 .00

Rose Quartz Pyramid

#101 - 2.5" at base


Rose Quartz Pyramid

#102 - 2.5" at base


Rose Quartz Pyramid

#100 - 2.8" at base


No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.