Cleansing by Smudging Ritual

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Cleansing by Smudging Ritual

This Cleansing Ceremony is used to rid a space or home of unwanted, sometimes referred to as negative, energies.

It can be performed as many times as necessary until you feel you have obtained the pure, clean feeling of a positive atmosphere. It is very simple and I hope you will enjoy the outcome once you have completed it.

Items needed for this ritual:

  • 1 White Sage Smudge Stick
  • Candle
  • 4 Black Tourmaline Protection Stones with pouch
  • Feather
  • Selenite Ball with stand OR White Selenite Skyscraper (standing point)
  • Ceramic or shell smudge bowl
Smudging and Cleansing

Smudging Kit


Includes 1 white sage smudge stick, ceramic or abalone shell bowl, 4 black tourmaline stones with pouch, feather, selenite sphere with stand OR White Selenite Skyscraper (standing point), small tea light candle, instructions

Cleanse your materials

Begin the ceremony by cleansing your materials:

  1. Simply light your candle and use it’s flame to light the large end of your smudge stick.
  2. Hold the smudge stick in the flame for 5 to 8 seconds.
  3. Remove it from the flame and gently waft the burning end with your feather. DO NOT blow on the burning smudge stick. Only use your feather to lightly fan the flame until it extinguishes.
  4. Continue to light and extinguish until it produces a steady, somewhat thick, stream of smoke.
  5. You can now lay your smoldering smudge stick in the smudge bowl.
  6. Continue gently wafting the smoke to keep a steady stream flowing. Place it back over the flame as needed to keep it well lit.
  7. Place the smudge stick in the smudge bowl and place on a table.
  8. Take each stone, one at a time, and wave it slowly through the smoke until all stones have been cleansed including the Selenite ball and stand.
  9. Place the Black Tourmaline stones back in their pouch.

TIP: This is a method to cleanse any stones before programming gemstones.

Smudging Ceremony

Now that your stones are cleansed, take a moment to open a window in the last room you plan to cleanse. This will be a exit window for all the negative, unwanted energies to flow out of at the end of the ceremony.

Take your pouch of black tourmaline as well as your smudge bowl with the smoldering smudge stick in it and go to the north most corner of your space or home. Begin by wafting the smoke in an upwards motion into each of the four corners of the room. Work from top to bottom in each corner and go in a clockwise motion.

Speak your intentions for the cleansing out loud while cleansing each corner. You may say anything you feel will fit the ceremony best for your situation.

You could simply ask for the negative energy to exit and welcome in the positive energy or you may wish to say a prayer as you smudge. Some people even smudge silently. This part is your choice.

While cleansing, be sure to place one Black Tourmaline stone in the North, South, East, and West corners of your entire space as you get to each of these rooms. Most likely the front left and right rooms and the back left and right rooms in your space.

Repeat these steps in each room and hallway until you have reached the room with the open window.

Now place the Selenite ball in the room of your choice. Choose a room that you wish to fill with the most positive energy such as a home office or bedroom.

As time goes on, if you feel a certain room needs cleansing again but do not feel the need to do the entire space, you can just cleanse your Selenite ball and place it in that specific room. Repeat this ceremony as often as you like to keep your space or home flowing with the pure, clean feeling of positive energy!

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